Cycles of life and death can be likened to the alternating periods of sleep and wakefulness.
-Daisaku Ikeda



There are many Soka organisations in various countries around the world. We work closely with the Singapore Soka Association (SSA) which is a part of an international network of Soka-affiliated organisations that are part of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) movement.

Our Soka funeral services are in accordance with the principle of Nichiren Buddhism. Its core objective is to develop and reflect sympathy upon the deceased. A Soka funeral set up is relatively more straightforward as compared to traditional and conventional Buddhist funerals. Instead of a Buddhist monk, a SSA leader is the one who conducts the funeral service by leading recitations of the Lotus Sutra and chanting of Daimoku. These prayers help propel the deceased to Soka’s pinnacle of enlightenment, the Eagle Peak.

We have packages customised to your requirements starting from $5,188.

Cremation Casket

Embalming, Makeup & Dressing

Pall Bearer Services & Funeral Hearse

Soka Set up


Aircon Bus

Memorial Photo album, Videography for final send-off

Tentage , Tables & Chairs

Fans & General Lightings

Mobile Toilet

* Optional Upgrade:

Night Service Attendant / Security 

Tables & chairs with covers 

* Limousine Hearse

* Casket Upgrade

Memorial Photo album, Videography for final send off 





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